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Wreath Sales

[Details below are for 2019 sales; Site will be updated once this year’s info is available.]

Scouts will be able to sell wreaths/greenery from Sherwood Forest Farms for the holidays as a fundraiser. These wreaths make a terrific gift for friends and family. The wreaths are guaranteed fresh and will stay fresh well into the New Year!

All profits from sales ($6-$11 per item) will go directly into the scout accounts, which can be used to pay for scouting activities. These items can be sold in person with the brochure and order forms you can receive from your Den leader.

Please note you can sell wreaths via two deliver methods; personal delivery done by you/scout or direct mail.  The brochure and web page show both options.

You can sell electronically!!!  It is super easy to setup a site.  Your son can do it with you.  Here’s a master page that already has all the items we are selling captured and some basic Pack information:  You can create your own minisite with your own URL via the web page from the vendor.  Click on this link to view a pdf with instructions to help with that setup (Go to the “Create a Seller Mini Site” section in the pdf).  When you create yours, you will get a personal URL for family and friends to order through.  Easy as 123!!!

All your orders need to be entered on your seller page on the pack’s Sherwood Forest website before turning in payments.  See instructions below on how to create your seller page and mini website.  Print out your order summary and turn it in along with order payments and direct address labels no later than October 31st , which can be done at the  October pack meeting or by arranging to bring them to Carter Wells’s house.

Remember to collect payment for wreath orders at the time of the sale.  Checks need to be made payable to Pack 134.

Getting Started With Pack 134 Wreath Fundraiser

1.     Register as a wreath seller at

2.     Optional: Set up your online wreath sales minisite once you have registered as a seller.  Have your online customers send their payments to you.  Personalize your mini sales site by uploading a picture of you!

3.     Send an email to your family and friends letting them know you are selling holiday greens.  Include your mini site sales link in the email.

4.     Show the sales catalog to your neighbors, teachers and coaches.  Always do this with an adult!

5.     Make sure all sales are entered into your seller page by October 31st. 

6.     Turn all payments and direct delivery labels in to Carter Wells by October 31st.

Any questions about the wreath fundraiser contact Carter Wells.


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