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Pinewood Derby Rules

These are the rules being used in our District Championships – we will follow the same rules.


  1. ONLY BSA Issued Pinewood Derby Kit & components are legal.
  2. Cars that do not meet ALL the below listed rules are disqualified to compete in this event.
  3. All Cars must be built this season, no previous year cars, wheels or axles can be used



  1. WIDTH – Not to exceed 2 ¾ inches, inner wheel width a minimum of 1 ¾ inches
  2. HEIGHT – Cannot exceed 4 inches
  3. CLEARANCE – All Cars must have at minimum 3/8 inches off ground to undercarriage clearance.
  4. LENGTH – Total length not to exceed 7.00 inches.
  5. WEIGHT- Total weight not to exceed 5.00 ounces based on District weigh-in scales at check-in.
  6. COMPONENTS- All components MUST come from the BSA Issued Pinewood Derby Kit. NO aftermarket Wheels, Axles, Body are permitted and will be disqualified.
  7. The entire car shall stage behind the starting pin location in the center of each track lane. It is not permissible for any part of the car to protrude forward of the starting pin.
      Wheels may only be worked by the scout.
      Wheels may be sanded only on the outside to remove mold seam.
      No sanding is allowed on the inside, as to lighten the wheel.
      Wheels must show original tread pattern around the entire wheel circumference.
      Lathing / machining wheels is prohibited.
      Again, no replacement wheels allowed.


  1. AXLES
  2. Axles may only be worked by the scout.
  3. Axles must be affixed in the stock axle slot location
  4. It must be obvious the stock axle is being used “ beveled point”
  5. Only BSA Issued Pinewood Derby Kit axles are allowed
  6. Lathing/Machining axles is prohibited


  2. Only Dry Lubricant is permitted (Graphite, Ws2, Teflon)
  3. It is legal to cover wheels running surface in dry lubricant (aka soaking the wheels in graphite)
  4. No OIL / Grease/ Wax, Liquids or semi solid petroleum base products, coatings are allowed.
  5. Dry Lubricant must be applied prior to submitting car to impound area.


  2. Car must be made substantially by the scout
  3. No loose weight or accessories of any kind are allowed
  4. No moving parts / elements of any kind are allowed (except for the wheels)
  5. No wheel enclosures, packing or hub caps allowed
  6. No springs, washers, bushings or bearings allowed in to allow improved wheel movement
  7. Car must be freewheeling, only powered by gravity
  8. No use of starting devices of any kind are allowed
  9. No use of tacky, sticky to adhere to the launch pin is allowed


  2. Eligibility for the El Dorado District Championship must:

Have placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd at the pack level race this year

Have placed 1st place at Pack level in best craftsmanship as graded by scouts this year

  1. No substitutes are permitted- Packs are not authorized to back fill open spots
  2. ALL cars must pass El Dorado District Championship inspection process



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